Untitled IV

  1. I 04:51
  2. Duo 03:14
  3. II 03:08
  4. Cub 04:47
  5. III 05:20

‘Japanese artist nzworkdown has made an impressive variety of sounds the last few months,
he coalesces between beautiful ambient techno to jarring slices of noise and field recorded sounds;
the drop of water, a stream running down a mountain, rain flowing in a sewer line.
A constant flux of beauty and mono no aware aesthetics.

Untitled IV is a collection of sound collage showing the juxtaposition between stillness and macabre.’

Boomkat → https://boomkat.com/products/untitled-iv-096d72f1-bc36-4523-8057-d2b6a933cdb9

Streaming + Download → https://forgotimprint.bandcamp.com/album/untitled-iv

Label: Forgot Imprint
Released: Oct 22, 2021