Dave Skipper ライブ

高円寺Oriental Forceへ。Dave Skipperのライブ。お世辞抜きで最高にクールだった。





I went to Oriental Force, a live house in Koenji, Japan, to experience Dave Skipper live. It was cool as hell.

Dave had found large pieces of wood, rocks, and tree branches on his desk, which he had picked up from the ocean on his travels, and he switched on his modular synthesizer to begin the live performance. This time, the show was divided into three parts, and the whole thing lasted about two hours.

Dave threw rocks at rocks as if to see what kind of sound they would make, snapped and snapped branches, and cut pieces of wood with saws and knives, sometimes with a devil-may-care look on his face. It was such a highly performative live show.

I thought that the part where Dave prepares the sound materials was quite static, and the part where he amplifies those materials with modular synthesizers and plays blasting noise with relentless feedback was overwhelmingly dynamic. The contrast between the two and the effective development of intonation is a masterpiece.

In the photo below, Dave is pounding rocks with a stone, and also shaking and mixing fallen leaves packed in a box. I was very impressed by the primitiveness of the sound produced by the simple friction between objects.

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