MAIL MUSIC, by peeq + Isolate Line + nzworkdown (XiX)

MAIL MUSIC, by peeq + Isolate Line + nzworkdown (XiX)

The ultimate collaboration, “MAIL MUSIC” was conceived by peeq and realized by inviting participants via Twitter.
After 8 months of exchanging sound materials via email, peeq, nzworkdown, and Isolate Line have reached an experimental music project. Music Journey by peeq + nzworkdown + Isolate Line, which has reached its destination after repeated trips.
Each song is a starting point, a process, and a destination, and by listening to the songs in order, you can relive the 8-month journey. Please listen to them in order.

What is Mail Music…
Experimental composition method where multiple people exchange Sound material, no one complains no matter how much it is transformed, and no one knows the final completed form.

peeq is a musician living in Kumamoto, Japan, he released “Sea that has Become Known” (Unfinished House) in 2021 and “Sea Of Solaris” (1834) in 2022.

内村悠己 / Yuki UCHIMURA

1981 Born in Dallas, Texas. I studied at Tama Art University for one year and Musashino Art University for two years. In 2007 I started photography, and in 2020 started making music.

Isolate Line is Japanese Experimental Musician
A project by Hiroyasu Izumori based in Tokyo, Japan.
It features an emotional and cinematic electronic sound that evokes visual images such as Sci-fi and CyberPunk, an acute and irregular rhythm sequence, and a music composed of destructive noise by a modular synthesizer.