Water State (Prehistoric Silence)

Holy Similaun率いるイタリアのレーベル「Prehistoric Silence」よりEP『Water State』がリリースされました。水の様態(蒸気・氷・大気・水)を表したアンビエントです。

Water State, by nzworkdown (Prehistoric Silence)

There is something unfathomably tactile in nzworkdown’s opus. Water State makes no exception, delivering a quasi-synesthetic experience of H2O shifting from one phase to the other.

The American-born, Japan-based sound artist creates an intimate ambience, befogging you with an aerosol-like texture, leaving you to feel your own way amidst liquefied field recordings, synthetic swirls and all sorts of damp sounds and icy cracks.

Air, Ice, Vapor and Water coexist in an ever-morphing equilibrium: now cosy, sometimes unsettling, always intoxicatingly immersive.

Written and produced by nzworkdown
Mixed by nzworkdown

Mastered by Alberto Bertelli at Parallels

Words by Xenia

Prehistoric Silence – July 2022